Where I Come From It Never Snows

Thinking of my trip to Colorado Springs for Christmas and New Years, a song title come to mind: “Never Snows” by Olivia the Band. It’s a good song from a great local band making the rounds in the Christian punk scene, if you want to give it a label.

Where We Come From It Never Snows (Album Cover)
Where We Come From It Never Snows (Album Cover)

Snow – a phenomenon really to an islander, because well… it never snows in Hawaii. It reminds me of that bobsledding movie, “Cool Runnings.” It rains hard during the winter here. Torrential rain causes floods and unfortunately recent occurrences a couple of weeks ago devastated the island.

But as I prepare to pack for my trip, I am pulling every long-sleeved piece of clothing I own to see if it is suitable, leaving the tank tops and shorts behind. I own a pair of Nike cross trainers – all others shoes are open toe sandals or good ol’ Scott slippahs. So what is this Hawaiian local girl to do when I get there? Find a Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target. And it better snow…. because I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. 

How did I also prepare for the trip? I knitted hats and scarves…with the Knifty Knitter looms.