Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus! The true meaning of Christmas lies in the birth of a baby, a hope and a future.

The Christmas day began early as children woke up to open presents and the gift exchange. The main thought is spending time with family, and sharing gifts for the appreciation for one another. We had a huge breakfast and spent the day together, just being…..

Admittedly, I was still shopping around on Tuesday night hitting the stores for last minute gifts. The ultimate task for me was to get my 7 year old son a Nintendo DS. We visited several places in Colorado Springs – WalMart, Best Buy, Target, the Citadel Mall, several Game Stops….

I hate to shop, but the look on his face this Christmas morning blessed me.

I walked into the last Game Stop and went up to the counter, after finding everything sold out at Target, my friend made calls to other places, it was an exhausting day.

“Do you have a Nintendo DS left?” I asked the store manager.

He looked over to one of his employees, and bent over to the lower cabinet. “We’ve got one more.”

Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DS Lite

“What color?” I asked.


“Perfect! I’ll take it…”

We exchanged conversation about my Hawaii driver’s license. He was born in Hawaii… the same exact town where I live because his dad was in the military.

The coincidence made the exchange that more endearing. He missed Hawaii and was there vacationing two weeks ago.

Thousands of miles from home, and I run into someone who was born in the town I grew up and had the last game with the exact color of my son’s request. It was a little blessing and I rejoiced.

What does this have to do anything with Jesus today? The little blessing we receive.

We can celebrate together the love of family because God first love us. He is the reason for the season.