Road Trip!

Tucumcari, New Mexico….

LOCATION: On Historic Route 66, I-40, US 54, NM 104 and 209; 35.16 degrees north of the equator and 103.72 degrees west of the prime meridian.
POPULATION: approximately 5,500
ELEVATION: 4,085 ft
CLIMATE: Dry, mild climate with an average low of 38F/3C in January to an average high of 79F/26C inJuly.

Some of the family members could not make it to Colorado Springs for Christmas because they cannot take the time off of work. The solution? Road trip!

Looking on the Road atlas maps, the family agreed on meeting halfway.

Tucumcari, (pro- nounced TOO-kum-kair-ee), according to their city of tourism brochure is “the Heart of the Mother Road, nestled on Historic Route 66!”

This reminds me of Lightning McQueen and his road travels in “Cars.” Cool.

This is another aspect o f traveling on the continental U.S. that cannot be done in Hawaii – driving for miles and hours and actually getting somewhere entirely different.

I’m not sure what family adventures we’ll have while visiting, but here are some attractions for the month of December:

Chamber Light Parade & Lighting Contest
Mariachis & Folklorico Dancers
Christmas Hospice Home Tour

Some history of the area deals with dinosaurs. Footprints and fossils are found in the area. The buildings also have murals.

Tucumcari, originally called Six Shooter Siding, may also have its name derived from a Plains Indian term, possibly Comanche, meaning “lookout point” or “signal peak.”

Like true to many Route 66 towns, Tucumcari began to thrive when the highway brought people its way.