Acoustic Fade to Black


A friend of mine, who happens to be one of the guitarists, told me about this clip recently – It’s brilliant!

A true musician or anyone who loves music dearly would appreciate this rendition. The original song comforted me in a way that my teenage angst could only be consoled. Years later, this version subdues me  that I now realize how much I’ve matured. It might just mean that I’m getting older. Well….wiser too. 

I work with teens everyday and it amuses me to no end all the “drama” they create, but meeting up with this friend again made me nostalgic. Reminiscing can be good when it brings a smile. I’ve seen various friends waistline expand and hairline recede over time. I’ve probably gained almost fifteen pounds in as many years myself. When we live in the present and can look back with no regrets – it is a blessing. 

Listening to this song made me smile. Enjoy!