Looking for Answers

People are always looking at me for answers. It’s frustrating at times because I simply don’t want to think for them. I am a teacher so naturally I want to help others think for themselves.

My mom came to me today and asked how to answer a certain question. Stepping into teacher mode, I reread the question. She stared at me blankly and shrugged her shoulders. She plays ignorance because she still considers herself an immigrant.

I’ve heard the speech before. “I don’t understand English too well. I don’t know. ”

It’s a cop out, a poor excuse for not trying. And frankly, I’m tired of it.

She comes over to ask  for my help, when all she really wants is for someone else to give her the answer. She wants to bypass the thinking process, have someone else come up with the answer, but get the credit. Whatever.

I see this tactic with my students all the time. It’s pure laziness.

I’m a bottom line person myself. I tire when a person talks in circles with explanation or storytelling because I’m impatient. Just tell me the bottom line, and let me get on with my business, because I’m a busy person. Too busy to give someone else the time of day? Wait a sec. . .now that makes me selfish? Perhaps.

What people don’t realize is that often times the answer lies within them.

Okay, not to get all philosophical, but the answer may just be right there, if they look hard enough. The answer could be obvious, the tip out in the open, only slightly covered by an afghan that was haphazardly thrown on it. But people miss out on looking for answers, because they don’t try.