Classroom Expectations

Chapter 5 from Conferences & Conversations by Douglas Kaufman is entitled, “Classroom Expectations.” It is interesting that a section states, “Write About What Matters to You.” 

Yes, duh! But it really is challenging for students. You need to write a lot in order to find something worth talking about. Then you elaborate. . .

Linda Rief hasa pet phrase, “Give us the sights, the sounds, the smells. . . ” Basically, details. 

Another sections talks about adolescents and their struggle to identify their passions in order to write about it. They fear ridicule, but they also aren’t sure if whether their interest has value to others. . .

But it is difficult to get enthusiastic as a teacher when you have extremes in the classroom. . .j01788441

Do you spend time with those students who eagerly want to learn more and show it, or focus on motivating those students who simply don’t work for whatever reasons?

Ms. Rief says, and I agree: we can always be there, offer new experiences that we think might be good for them. . .

But ultimately, it really is up to the student.