Beads of Hope Jewelry

img00603A missionary came to visit our church recently to share about the work she is doing in Uganda, Africa. She was a friend of our Senior Pastor and his wife.

The organization God has called her to establish is called Village of Hope Uganda.

She told stories of the orphans in Uganda whose families are abducted by rebels and then forced to kill their parents with machetes.

How horrific! However, God is providing help through people who care.

As part of the education and skills training in Northern Uganda, the orphans make jewelry out of recycled paper rolling each bead by hand.

Jewelry making or beading is a meticulous craft. My sister-in-law has recently started beading, buying a ready made kit from Wal-Mart, but jewelry crafted by orphans as a means of transforming their lives is precious.

See the link for more information:  Beads of Hope Jewelry: Micro Economics Project.

There are other ways to help and programs that the organization provides for the children.img00606

But I know that every time I look at my necklace, I’ll sense the precious child who carefully made it and the hope for a better life. Blessed.

Village of Hope Uganda is in the town of Gulu where over 200,000 refugees live in camps, most of which are children.

What affected me most was hearing the stories that the rebel soldiers would abduct children and hold guns to their head and are forced to kill their own parents.

The missionary explained that the machetes are dull and so killing someone with it. . . .well. . .it’s just awful. I cannot imagine what a child would be thinking at that moment.

The beaded jewelry is just another reminder that out of tragic pain and suffering, God can create something beautiful.