Ana from Ecuador Sends A Letter

Compassion International Letters take a while to process, via writing to translation to delivery between sender to receiver, the letter goes through several steps.

Christmas card created by Ana, spnsored child from Ecuador.
Christmas card created by Ana, spnsored child from Ecuador.

I just received a letter from my sponsored child, Ana, from Ecuador today. It was a letter she wrote in December, wishing me a Merry Christmas. Ana shares, “Thank you very much for your letters and for praying for my family.”

What especially touched my heart was the line, “I promise that I’m never going to stop praying for you and your family.”

The letter is written in her twelve year old scrawl. I’ve been sponsoring Ana for a few years now and she turns thirteen this summer.

A new picture also arrived and it shows how much she has grown. Not only do I see growth through her photos shared by the Compassion project, she is maturing in her own walk with the Lord.

Little tidbits like her involvement in worship through the dance ministry, and how much she enjoys school show me how she is growing up from the little girl I first sponsored.

Ana (Ecaudor, 2008)
Ana (Ecaudor, 2008)

Her favorite color is yellow, and she asks me about my favorite ice cream.

Last week, I posted an initial entry that showed Ana’s pic when I first sponsored her.

I wanted to share some of the updated photos that Compassion provides sponsors from time to time. It’s like school aged children taking their annual yearbook school pictures.

Contact and support with sponsored children exists for as long as they remain in the project.

Ana (Ecuador, 2009)
Ana (Ecuador, 2009)

This aspect is also rather iffy. Should the time come if and when a sponsor can no longer financially fulfill support, Compassion will find another sponsor.

If the child, for whatever reason moves out of the project area where Compassion is not located, support will be discontinued.

As long as I have contact, I can ensure that Ana will gain the support needed to grow up healthy – physicaly, spirituall and emotionally.