This Is Your Brain On Joy

Book Review:  This is Your Brain On Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin _222_1000_book33cover1

Reading a book on brain health seemed odd at first, but associating it with nurturing spiritual growth was intriguing.

As the title reminded me of the old commercials of a frying egg in a pan and someone saying, “This is your brain on drugs,” it threw caution to the harsh reality of damage to a functioning brain.

But the concept of our brain on joy?

Dr. Henslin’s book introduces “a revolutionary program for balancing mood, restoring brain health, and nurturing spiritual growth.”

Although not as intimidating as a medical journal, Dr. Henslin provided scenarios and counseling situations to amuse the reader where application may be applicable for our own personal lives.

He also suggested other options such as vitamin supplements, aromatherapy, cinematherpy, a support village as well as bibliotheraphy.

The most heartfelt connections for me as I read the book was the constant reminder that a healthy brain was important to lead a life that God has meant for us to enjoy all along.

Some of the examples showed struggles people try to overcome on their own that was made better with closer inspection of the brain and providing medication or supplements where necessary.

This Is Your Brain on Joy also incorporated biblical truths and scripture to help the reader tie the importance of a healthy brain and finding joy. It is after all, what God wants for His children – to live a healthy and joy filled life.