Students Reading Bradbury

As one of my classes had a Bradbury reading session, and I found it amusing to capture their various state of concentration. (Of course, being adolescents they were aware of the camera). Thought I’d share:

p21000081The last period of the day, my camera came out and this side of the room was very aware and simultaneously covered their faces with their book.

p2100016My observation here was the student’s examination of this particular short story called “Skeleton.” Notice the backpack design she’s holding. Hmmmm…..skull and crossbones.

p2100014The gem of the batch. Grossly engaged in her novel, I could not help but notice her nails! Love the different pastel shades of nail polish.

p2100013I’d like to think that he is reading but by the looks of his notebook, I’ve got to wonder. And with a camera in his face, well….posing?

It’s days like this when I actually like my job. I enjoy my students because they amuse me. They’re great kids with so much potential.