Short Story Plotline

My students are creating speculative short stories this quarter.

p21100212We’ve studied four short stories from Ray Bradbury’s The Vintage Bradbury. The stories are: “Hail and Farewell,” “Night Meeting,” “There Will Come Soft Rains” and “Kaleidoscope.”

Currently, they are in literature circles reading self-selected novels or collection of Bradbury books. Theyp21100232 practice comprehension strategies such as Reading like a Reverberator, Reading like a Psychologist, Reading like a Sketcher and Reading like a Linecatcher.

They share summaries and predictions of what they’ve read.

The last half of the class is in writers’ workshop. They’ve been brainstorming story ideas learning that fiction can come from real-life experience, mixed with imagination.

Like Bradbury there assignment needs to have some sort of speculative element, which will make it very interesting.

p2110022We’ll see how they do as we start the drafing and writing process. Rough drafts. Always fun.