Flowers Opening Only At Midday

img00518One day I went to work and spied a cute little plant sitting atop the cabinets in the office. My mom likes to grow plants so I was familiar with cuttings. I asked about it and the office ladies told the clerk I had inquired after the plant.

A few days later, she had a little potted plant for me. It was very special and it made my day. We talked about plants and her enthusiasm caught my interest so she produced a couple of articles this particular variety. She was happy that I took interest and her enthusiasm over the little plant simply fascinated me.

The old woman went on and on about how rare it was to see the yellow blossom bloom. I nodded my head and took the plant home.

A couple of days later, there was a drizzle and I went outside noticing the pretty little flower. img00517

The article said it was called a Portulaca oleracea – Common Purslane, also knowsn as Verdolaga, Pigweed, Litle Hogweed or Pusley.

It only reaches about 40 cm in height and the yellow flower open up to about 6mm wide.

The flower is said to open singly at the center of the leaf cluster for only a few hours on sunny mornings. Well, I snapped a picture on a rainy day, but then I live in Hawaii.

The woman gave me another article about “Drifting in Seawater” and the Hawaiian Biological Phenomena. It was interesting about the migration of certain plants to the islands.

According to a book called, Hawaii A natural History, “dispersal by flotation in seawater” was thought to have brought many plants to the Hawaiian islands.

img00519I’m no horticulturalist, I like looking at pretty flowers. I haven’t seen the yellow blossom since so I guess I was privileged to have snapped a picture of it that day.