Simple Crochet Flower

With extra yarn lying about, I decided to crochet some flowers. What I’m going to do with it yet, I’m not sure.

This is an easy flower that can grow bigger repeating the same pattern to however large you want to make it. I don’t have the exact pattern, or size needle, but go for it with the following steps:




Second row: Start off with ch8 and form a circle.Ch2.

Next, single crochet all around. (To single crochet: with one loop on hook, yarn over through loop to show two loops on hook, yarn over and pull trough both loops). About 12sc.


Third row: Ch5 and sc in third stitch from start. Repeat.

Fourth row: sc in first loop, then add 3 double chains and another sc, repeat in each loop. p21100051

(To double crochet: yarn over so that two loops are on hook, yarn over through the loop and pull through so that three loops are on hook, yarn over and take away two loops, yarn over again and take away the remaining two loops). Sl stitch to join.