The Elongated Stitch Scarf

The other day I went to a one day conference to learn more incorporating the use of more technology in the classroom. While on a break, I found a yarn store across the street.

The women were very informative and welcoming. They answered a lot of my newbie questions. I saw a scarf on their wall that I recognized from a website and decided to give it a try.p3250005

The woman in the store suggested I start with a bigger needle to see my stitches so I purchased a bamboo US11 needle.

I also decided to stick with the worsted weighted yarn before I get into those fancy yarns that are so pretty.

The world of yarn is another realm I’ve yet to venture.

I went to and found a video tutorial for the elongated stitch scarf here.

p3250007My version of the elongated stitch scarf is a little bigger and looser becasue of the bigger needle, but it looks okay.

I like the yarn coloring but the stitches are too loose for my liking.

I’ll need to try this pattern again with a smaller needle, but I’d still where this scarf.

This scarf is still wearable for everyday use even in Hawaii. Quick. Easy. Pretty.