Children’s Discovery Center

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’m not sure why. I had planned to join a Blog Everday in April (BEDA) thing that I found on an author’s site but maybe the pressure and my own expectation scared me off. Ha! So I’m back…

Yesterday, I took my son to the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center in Honolulu and it was okay. It’s an activities center with displays and exhibits from dress up of various careers to understanding the human body and the digestive system.

Some of the areas was a little young for my seven year old son, but he enjoyed it because there were many different areas to explore. img00649

Upstairs introduced children to various cultures and reminded me of Epcot Center somewhat with the cultures represented.

There was a India, Portugal, Philippines, Japan and China as well as Plantation Hawaii. For example, A fisherman’s boat with net represented Portugal and a Jeepney and Sari-Sari store represented the Philippines.

What I liked the most was a wheelchair simulation giving children a chance to maneuver a wheelchair for themselves going up a ramp, taking a sip of water from a fountain, opening a refrigerator and microwaving food all while seated in a wheelchair.

My son enjoyed a bubble making dipper and the car garage area. He was all over the place, but spent most of his time at these two specific areas most of all.

It was an enjoyable afternoon in the Kakaako District.