Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

A friend of mine mailed this to me last month for my birthday. I automatically thought it was for my son because she usually mails him gifts.

Then I realized 1) it was for me and 2) she read my blog. Haha!

She saw a post I wrote about playing the Sims Castaway and blessed me with another game.

I loved it. Yes, I do actually play video games because it relaxes me in a weird way.

I’m used to action fighting and quest games, so this particular type of game was a little different. It’s a mystery where you need to puzzle clues along the way.

scan0071Some of the clues remind me of elementary school brain teasers, math, riddles, missing objects, etc. Some were easy, but others make you stop and think.

I haven’t gotten very far and probably nowhere near the end, but I do enjoy the game a lot.