Bite Back – Donate a Mosquito Net

Ever felt irritated by the buzzing sound of a mosquito?

Yes, you know the sound – bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mosquitoes breed in stale rain water, so make sure containers are overturned where those pesky mosquito larva cannot breed.


What’s more irritating is that mosquito bites can cause malaria.

It is an affordable and treatable disease, but not for those who have not. Malaria has become a world wide epidemic impacting 350 to 500 million people each year In Africa, malaria kills more people than HIV/Aids but what is surprising is that it preventable.

Mosquito nets can prevent families from being bitten, but most African families cannot afford it. When a person is bitten, they take on flu-like symptoms and when they finally get some help, it might be too late. Untreated malaria can cause a coma and become fatal.

We slap pesky mosquitoes and endure little bites, but when medical treatment is hard to come across, it is fatal. How can we help?

Please consider donating to help the Malaria Intervention Fund for Compasison-assisted children if you are a sponsor or visit the following website for net donations: Bite Back – Donate a Mosquito Net.

Another interesting tidbit in global malaria intervention is the use of mosquito repellant trees that are being grown to help deter the mosquito population from an area. Mosquito nets help at night while sleeping at night indoors and mosquito repellant trees can keep them away outdoors.

Join the fight in biting back to help prevent malaria.