Compassion Bloggers India Trip

In order to see the work Compassion International is doing in India, child sponsors who are also bloggers are on their way to India. They will be documenting their trip via their various blogs and for more information you can visit the website here:

Our Trips – Compassion Bloggers.

Compassion International has a heart for children in poverty and it has been my pleasure to be involved with their vision and also sponsor children from poverty stricken nations.

But the topic of interest for this blog is India.

201My brother recently went to India with the AirGuard and before leaving he had to swallow a series of pills and while there he could not drink the water. The only other impressions I had of the country was knowledge from the work Mother Theresa did there and what the media portrays.

I had always found the Indian culture fascinating, alhthough I did not understand all of it. I’ve enjoyed movies by Mira Nair like “Monsoon Wedding,” “The Namesake” and “Bend It Like Beckham” that gave me a glimpse of modern India culture. Oh, and I forgot about the Disney Channel’s movie when the Cheetah girls went to India. That movie was a lot of fun too.

I’ve always admired the strong sense of family shown in those movies. The behavior, good and bad, reminds me a lot of my own culture and that makes us all related after all.

But when I watched “Slumdog Millionaire,” I was awed once again. The depiction of how children live and can be mistreated tugged at my heart, and I was shocked. I know I felt this way watching a movie, so I pray that those Compassion Bloggers who are visiting India this week will be prepared in their hearts and their minds to receive those children the way Jesus would, with love and Compassion. I also pray that they will be kept safe physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Thank God for organizations like Compassion who are their to help, if only a bit, but that little bit might be enough to those precious children to to find the love of God in the midst of thier dire circumstances.

Please join me in prayer for God’s work and His will to be done in India got the millions of children who need help. Consider sponsoring a child too: