Quest for Compassion

A lot of video games are moving online lately in an interactive website fashion, such as Disney’s Club Penguin and Fusion Fall from Cartoon Network where online gaming occur.

Similarly, Compassion International has created an interactive website for children to learn more about extreme poverty.

While not too technical a la XBox or the Playstation or even the Nintendo Wii, the website is a fun introduction for kids.


A child can create and name a travel buddy to explore the four different countries: El Salvador, Brazil, Ghana and Bangladesh.

On the trip, while visitng the town, the player can check his Compassion like BlackBerry for a missions checklist to find hidden items in the area. Included for the trip is also a Bible, a Journal , water and a map. There are games and various places to explore that is pertinent to the town.

Created for children between the ages of six and ten, a child can also hear a guided narration giving explanations and sharing facts about the country. Pop-up boxes open when an item is clicked and is wonderful for children to practice their reading.

My seven year-old son had fun exploring the website and we shared a delightful conversation when we visited El Salvador becasue one of our sponsored children, William, age six, lives there. It was a teachable moment to share with my son what life might be like for William through the website.


Educational and fun website from Compassion. Check it out at: Quest for Compassion.