He Said, Call You Tomorrow

I thought I was in a real relationship. Well, I still am, but I know it has definitely passed the mushy-cannot-stand-to-be-away-from-you-phase. Typical, I am waiting and wondering if I should call or text him just to say, Hello.

I already did that this morning and he hasn’t responded! . . .yet.

I add the . .  . YET, reluctantly. . .  but I suppose I am feeling like an insecure little girl rather than the woman God has created me to be.

It used to be an ongoing . . . back and forth, back and forth, nonstop conversation, exchanging cute little texts, symbols and flirty innuendos during the work day, but that was all part of the I-LIKE-YOU-DO-YOU-LIKE-ME phase that was still being established.

We are now official together – a couple.

It seems that we are now comfortable enough to take the relationship (slightly) for granted. Our lives have carried on in the manner it was BEFORE the getting together, before the fluttery, pitter-pat and anticipation of text notifications sounding off.

It sucks. As selfish as it may sound, I like the attention.

And now that I am not getting constantly bombarded with texts, I feel slightly neglected. I am a grown woman, with a terrific career, yet I find myself waiting for his phone call . . . especially since he last texted me last night:

“Just got home. Exhausted. Bad Day. Call you tomorrow.”

He hasn’t called. Then again, it hasn’t even been 24 hours since last night’s text.

So . . . I’m deciding to blog about all of this.

Chronicling my thoughts and insecurities may just serve therapeutic and amuse no one but myself. It’ll keep me busy to say the least, occupied on other aspects of my life rather than obsessing over a man.

Will he appreciate it? IDK. Probably not.

Wit. Humorous.  Amusing.

This is the insight behind the female mind. . .  and that at no matter what age, female insecurities do not change.

Join me as I chronicle the journey . . . letting this outlet entertain and express the (in)sanity that will provide moi from getting psychotic over those interesting, and undoubtedly intriguing male antics.

Credit: Free images from acobox.com