I Don’t Really Hate Valentine’s Day

February. The month of love . . . and all I can think about is the movie, “I Hate Valentine’s Day.” It was hilarious! I enjoyed it terribly when I watched it via Netflix a few months ago. I found myself being in love with love ( . . . and of course, being in a newly committed relationship, my heart was all aflutter).

So in five days – the big day – and silly me, with high hopes and high expectations, thought this year would be different as the first Valentines with my love. I’d actually have someone to be lovey-dovey with for Valentine’s Day this year instead of dismissing it and bypassing it as a “not-for-me holiday.”

However, the Valentine’s Day event could still be a possibly non-event because of recent events that have unfurled . . .it may not be a day of my dreams, after all.

No, I didn’t do anything prematurely like buy tickets and plan out an entire date night with my Boo*, but I’d imagine that it would and should . . . looking forward to it being something special.

*Tangent: According to the Urban Dictionary: boo
1) boyfriend or girlfriend 2) a word to scare people

Why the cautionary tone however? Because plans never work the way you think. Are you optimistic or pessimistic when it comes to love or Valentine’s Day?

One thought on “I Don’t Really Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. Pessimistic. My best friend and I were going to eat lunch with each other, and he cancelled. Saying he wanted to spend the day alone.
    I’m thinking of having a “I Hate Valentine’s Day” Party in one of the classrooms. Just to hang out with some people.
    I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, but it does have a certain way of making you feel either exceedingly happy or incredibly lonely.
    Impressive for such a small, secular holiday

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