I Don’t Really Hate Valentine’s Day – Part II

Part II

A friend’s Facebook status read: Concert Tix 4 sale!
When? Asked a Comment.
Valentine’s Day Evening, great seats! Was the Reply.

Apparently, my friend’s Valentine’s weekend plans had changed and so did her life according to the changes of her profile picture.

A few months ago, her relationship status and profile picture depicted a new relationship. Aloha Lani is In A Relationship with Marco Polo.

Their relationship was linked virtually on Facebook. The smiling couple beamed lovingly to the thumbs up of LIKES from friends and family signifying approval and encouragement.

Another few months later, yet another change on the News Feed:  Aloha Lani’s Relationship: Engaged.

Nice. The romance was progressing toward bliss. But her profile picture was now of her pet Bull Terrier. Later in the season,  it was a picture of her beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Concern filled the air as status updates turned to favorite sports teams and finding new work. Typical yada, yada, yada FB talk. Amidst the onslaught of nom-nom-nom food consumption and weather forecasts around the country, hating Mondays and looking forward to the weekend posts.

Her Relationship Status subtly changed back to: Single. It was confirmed by the placement of various headshot defaults of a woman trying to smile, masking the pain of a not-so-hidden break-up.

Was I awaiting a wedding invitation? Or like the prematurely purchased Valentine’s Day concert tickets, is a woman’s expectations too assuming that there is a Happily Ever After.

What’s On My Mind? Valentine’s Day Concert Tickets 4 Sale. Won’t be using them. Flying to Vegas.

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One thought on “I Don’t Really Hate Valentine’s Day – Part II

  1. I think one of the problems with today’s people is that they put too much energy into projecting their lives to the masses, and too little energy into making their lives meaningful.
    And being engaged…It’s a huge step. It shouldn’t happen after a few months.

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