Surviving the 1st 7 Years of Teaching

Year #1 – I accepted a position as an Emergency Hire while pursuing my Masters Degree in Secondary Education [8th grade]; I was happy to be employed and filled with naïve expectations.

Year #2 – It was my first year looping and teaching 7th grade. I experienced a new curriculum with double periods, and found colleague relationships within my department challenging. [7th grade]

Year #3 – As my first looping experience following the same group of kids to the next grade level, it was a terrible year when it came to dealing with parents. I was threatened physically and sexually harassed by a 13 year old student twice my size. A filed a grievance and got the union involved. Nonetheless, I smartened up as a teacher. [8th grade]

Year #4 – Because of my experience the year before, I began the year with a new batch of students feeling numb and unmotivated, going through the routine because it was my job. I needed to distance myself professionally from the emotional roller coaster of the previous year. However, I was quickly reminded that I love teaching for the right reason – some students are worth it. [7th grade]

Year #5 – This group of kids might have been my favorite bunch so far. I was more confident as a teacher and more comfortable with my curriculum. I began to take the initiative for self-study so that I would be better invested in teaching as a life-long career. [8th grade]

Year #6 – I began this group of students more prepared and moved from working and caring for just my classroom, but wanting to collaborate with other team teachers. I have since learned how collaboration with resources can benefit not only student learning but also the importance of keeping teaching strategies fresh. [7th grade]

Year #7 – This is my 7th year of teaching and feel much the wiser, yet eager to learn so much more. I love to explore so much and will continue this endeavor into the world of technology. I hope to take my students along as well.  [8th grade] So here I am . . .and there you are.