Praying over the Mission Field Down the Street

Several months ago, it was decided that a new campus would branch out as an extension of the current church. It’d be like venturing into the mission field in our own backyard. Exciting news.

A small group of church members met early Saturday morning at 6:30am for bible study. I’d like to say I was hard core and ready to attend, but honestly, I basically rolled out of bed, getting there just in time and barely awake to participate.

The church plant, while not thousands of miles away, on foreign soil can still be a mission field – where faith and unbelief collide, God can still show Himself strong.

North Shore of Oahu

In order to prepare ourselves for the mission, we need to each have a personal relationship with God, our Father, and the confidence, assurance that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The emphasis then for training and preparation? Prayer. Prayer needs to be a priority in a Believers life to stay close to Him that will guide and lead us into all truth.

  • Prayer is essential to having a passion for the lost and for church planting.
  • Those involved must already be people of prayer.
  • Those involved must be faithful in their prayer life.