I Am a Child Sponsor

A couple of years ago, my brother and his wife came home from a conference excited about sponsoring a child from Bolivia. I listened to their explanation about how much money a person spends on coffee at Starbucks or a drink at Jamba Juice when children were starving somewhere else in the world.

Later that night I visited Compassion‘s website and clicked on every child photo, weeping as I read their profiles. My heart was especially moved by those children who lived in single parent households (because I am also a single parent). I didn’t sponsor right away, but the next night I visited again. Then I kept on visiting the same, noticing those whose profiles disappeared and those who awaited sponsorship.

One little girl stood out to me the most because she had a great big smile. I sponsored Ana from Ecuador. The first line of her profile read “Ana lives with her grandmother.” I thought about the 10-year old girl and wondered what her situation might be like living with only her grandmother what circumstances she might be in to not have a mother and father around to support her.

God broke me in a good way to help this particular child. As a single mother, I wanted to bless someone in a similar situation. I had an opportunity to reach out and make a difference for another single-parent family too.

I received Ana’s first letters and she had three siblings. She wrote about her mom living in another location, with another man, who was not her father. She also wrote about her father not financially supporting her. She ended with, “Thanks for sponsoring me. . . Please pray for my family. . .”

I was touched and blessed. Other letters tell me, “Thanks for helping me. . .You are really cool.”

Her letters have progressed in writing and drawings. Little does she know how much I have been blessed by my relationship with her as well.