What is a blog with class? Defined.

What is a blog with class? Talk about this topic in relation to your class blog (or what you consider to be an effective class blog).

My school has been exploring technology over the past several years, but can’t ever come to consensus about application. Administration is always offering opportunity to a lot of different areas – professional development here, professional development there, but something always becomes a factor when it comes to appropriate usage and student privacy.

I am very grateful for an administration that supports technology in the classroom and admittedly there are only a few of us on campus who are very eager to learn on our own.

The challenge? Rules and regulations, not enough time, and naysayers.

I have always been willing to explore technology for the purpose of applying it in my classroom on my own . . . then administration and/or district will offer professional development  in a certain area (that they have paid for) and expect those teachers involved to implement and use it.

My problem with this? Oftentimes, there isn’t much time given to make it work and find out that it doesn’t really work or apply in my class. Then the next year, another time of program (or emphasis) gets introduced and my focus goes elsewhere, because it is almost always mandated.

As a teacher, I am torn between applying what is expected of me from admin (and those higher up) and truthfully sucks the life out of my effort. The bottom line? My students suffer for lack of focus (and a wishy-washy attitude) that was placed upon me rather than something I’ve chosen on my own because I want to have fun. This Teacher Challenge stuff is fun.

This class blog will be a means of communication between me and my students. It’ll be an extension of student learning, delivery and learning on a platform where they find familiarity.

Maybe I’m stubborn – and yes – there should be perimeters regarding student privacy and the dos and don’ts for whatever legalities exist in education, but I am creating this blog – on my own terms – for my students – without the ‘Powers that Be’ breathing down my back. There I said it.