Responsible Blogging and Appropriate Etiquette

When it comes to classroom blogging and appropriate etiquette, I am a stickler for complete sentences and no IM-speak (instant-messaging-text-speak).

Oh I am definitely guilty of it too, but I am, after all an English teacher and need to encourage proper usage of the English language, teaching that there is a proper time and place for it – differentiating between casual communication and professionalism.

Yes, with the onset of instant messaging and social networking, it is so easy to lapse into the casual tone of the English language.

In this classroom blog, however, it will be important to:

  1. model proper responsibility and etiquette
  2. monitor responsibly.

Although I have created a set of guidelines and expectations, I know students may not necessarily adhere to them and so. . .at first it will be necessary to monitor very closely.


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