Compassion for a Bolivian Child

The compassion in my heart continued as I continued to peruse the Compassion website, reading everything and clicking on everything to devour more information. I read about Compassion Tours and the opportunity to visit the children. My brother’s sponsored child was from Bolivia. I thought it’d be neat to sponsor another child from Bolivia so we could visit Bolivia some day.

scan0054As I browsed the photos of Bolivian children, I thought the little girls were precious and fell for adorable, Noemi, age six. As I read her profile, I read that “Noemi makes her home with her mother. . . there were six children in the family.” I knew I needed to help a single mother with six children.

After exchanging letters for a while, I began to see the provisions of the financial support. One letter especially brought me to tears. It was a xerox copy of the little girl and her mother holding a pile of brand new clothes and new shoes.

In another letter, there was a picture of Noemi, three of her siblings and her mother holding up a bed frame along side other provisions like food and shoes.

The letters kept coming and I was grateful my little girl likes to write and draw. It is such a joy and blessing to know that they benefit from my giving.