Sponsoring an Older Compassion Child

I’ve heard that older children are usually harder to place or to adopt when it comes to adoption or placing foster children in a home. I wondered if it were the same for child sponsorship.

I thought that maybe little ones get sponsored quicker because they are so cute and adorable. Older children might be already set in their ways, hurts and circumstances having experienced so much more than smaller children, but whatever age a child is introduced to Christ or however old a child receives help should not be limited.

When I came across Alexandra’s photo and profile at Compassion, her sweet but sad smile had an impact on me. She was a teen from the Dominican Republic and reminded me of my own students who come from low-income households in a very disadvantaged area.

The pre-adolescent age is already hard enough on a child with hormonal changes. Add poverty to the dire circumstances of an underdeveloped country must make it harder on a youth to figure life. At an age so close to becoming an adult when a future is in the forefront of their minds in figuring out what will happen to them, hope is even more crucial.

Alexandra lives with her mother. There are three children in the family.