Compassion Child Sponsorship El Salvador

About a year after sponsoring my three girls from Compassion International: Ana from Ecuador, Noemi from Bolivia and Alexandra from the Dominican Republic, I wanted to sponsor a little boy who would grow up with my own son.

God had blessed me in so many ways throughout the letter exchanges with my sponsored children that I didn’t realize how much my own attitude and personality had changed. My heart softened and I know it was because God was showing me how to love through His compassion.


I began sharing Compassion’s Christian child sponsorship with friends and family. I visited the website again with my mom and came across a photo of a little five-year old boy. He reminded me of my own son, who was around the same age at the time. His profile stated, “Wiliam lives with his mother. . .His father is in prison.”

Once again, I could relate to the single parenting dilemma. The absentee father for many children is very hard. Children without fathers may lack that strong male role model in their lives and feel as if they lack in that area. It is crucial for me to ensure my own son that Jesus is a Father to the fatherless.

We sponsored William, and it is my prayer that both boys will someday meet. I pray that I will be able to take my son to El Salvador and visit. They are more similar than they know despite being geographically worlds apart. I pray that both become grounded in their relationship with Jesus Christ.