Compassion for the Philippines

In my excitement with being a Compassion Child Sponsor, I know I needed to do more to help children. I decided to become a Child Advocate.

Through the organization I learned to share the ministry of Compassion with others, outside my immediate circle of influence. We decided to share Compassion with my church.

Whether by coincidence or God’s planning, the time was right. We held several Compassion Sunday events  and many children got sponsored. A new awareness reached the body of Christ, and God was pleased.

Our Senior Pastor was excited about it that he went on a Compassion Sponsored Tour to the Philippines with other pastors in the area. It was a new level of awareness for the children.

My father made a passing remark to me that tugged my heart. I sponsored children from various countries, but had not sponsored a child from our family’s homeland. My parents had emigrated from the Philippines, and we still have family in the provinces who we help out financially from time to time. I remember visiting the Philippines when I was a teenager and remember seeing the poverty all too well.

A pang of guilt got to me, but then I knew I wanted to sponsor another child. . . this time from the Philippines. I prayerfully considered the children and found a girl from Baguio City but my mom sponsored her instead. She was taking a step in her own faith to become a sponsor (at last). It took a while for me to sponsor another child because adding another child was a huge financial commitment. But I knew that God would provide.

Browsing through the website again, I sponsored Glory from the Luzon region of the Philippines. She lived about two hours from where my parents grew up. They speak the same dialect, Ilocano. Glory has six siblings and her performance in school was above average.

She reminded me so much of my own nieces and cousins. My life would possibly be similar if it weren’t for my parents’ emigrating to the States when they did.

God has purposes and plans for us all.

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  1. Cool dude. I was thinking the same thing. I saw something like that in something forgot-the-name Washington blog. Keep it up!

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