I Cannot Stop Long Enough to Understand the State Education Budget

I work and live in Hawaii. I am a teacher, and I am too busy to truly understand such things as the State Budget, or the latest educational reform. Bad teacher, yes, I know.

I was reading the article, What It Takes To Understand Hawaii’s Education Budget by Katherine Poythress, a Civil Beat Education Reporter-Host, and I don’t understand! When it comes to politics and standing up for our rights, I admittedly cower and fold when I know I shouldn’t.

I am ignorant, and I cannot afford to be. Yes, it is a very part of being American and our right to vote, to speak up for our rights; it is a priviledge and ignorance is scary and no excuse.

But within the profession of education, there are so many aspects that a teacher needs to be concerned about that I cannot follow every detail about what goes on at the upper levels like government laws and such. If we cannot trust lawmakers to make the right decisions, then it really just leaves those of us at the bottom of the heap to make due with what we have to survive.

A comment at then end of the Civil Beat article mentioned the way teachers ask students for needed supplies the schools cannot afford, as part of the budget, but is necessary for day to day functions in class. The commenter mentioned toilet paper! Yes, some of my students don’t bring any supplies to school. We are lucky enough to have their presence at school, let alone, having them be prepared with school supplies is too much to ask.

I cannot afford to bypass what is going on at the government level regarding by profession, but sometimes taking care of the day to day in my own classroom is all I can concern myself with, for now.