Book Review: Dry as Rain

Dry as Rain by Gina Holms was about a marriage gone bad due to mistrust and infidelity. Told from the male point of view, Eric Yoshida has a second chance to make it right with his wife, Kara, who doesn’t remember the fights because of an accident.

Eric realizes the wrongs he’s made in his life and career. With his wife and son back home, he is grateful at the second chance he obviously doesn’t deserve and tries to right the wrongs in his own strength.

Dry as Rain brings up the taboo subject of adultery and the guilt that the main character lives with from the huge mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life. The family unit survives the stresses and ordeal, but only with a faith and trust to hang on through it all.

I cannot say I thoroughly enjoyed the read, but it was an okay plot that shared strengths of friendship and loyalty between the main character and his best friend. Because it was told from the male’s point of view, I thought it was a decent insight into the male perspective especially about infidelity and the longing for reconciliation.

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