Decision to Homeschool Next School Year

I am a public school teacher and a single mom.

And I am going to homesechool my 10-year-old son in August 2012 for his 6th grade year. The decision has been heartfelt with uncertainty and doubt from my own experiences in the public educational system as an English teacher, but when it comes to the education for my own child, I know I need to uphold the values I believe will most benefit him.

In many ways, it seems crazy. I am a single parent. He is an only child. I am employed by the Department of Education in Hawaii as a secondary English teacher, who really loves her job.

But my son has a reading disability . . . and I need to be there for him more.

I suppose starting this blog will be therapeutic for me, and yet as I browse the other homeschooling sites and blogs, I am intrigued as an educator to the array of reasons and educational styles out there – all trying to survive the world in which we live by loving parents whose purpose is to give their child(ren) their best.

I told my sister-in-law, “I’m going to make this work”. Very supportive and loving, she agreed and gently reminded me that there is a fight out there, much deeper than the obvious, and that’s a fight for the family.

I’m not all about the political agendas of “family values” and/or the “Christian” point of view for homeschooling, but regardless I find myself stuck with my beliefs, desires and wants for my son, and supporting the very system because of my employment.

“A great pleasure in life is doing what others say you can’t” – Panda Express

Challenge accepted.