Starting the Homeschool Curriculum Planning

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”
–Mark Van Doren

As a public school teacher, I am very aware of the state of the education in our country, and yes, it does get me down and weary at times. I’ve done my share of curriculum unit and lesson planning for my classroom, especially with benchmarks and standards in mind “to meet proficiency.”

In the newspaper recently, it stated that 8th graders’ assessment testing across the country is low, yet the State of Hawaii is still ahead of just one another state: Mississippi.

But that aside, I need to figure out a plan: How am I going to homeschool my son AND continue to work next school year?

Thus, I need to plan his curriculum… now.

The only traditional homeschooling route I know of is Abeka. What attracted me most was the video school portion of the Abeka Academy, and the submission of sending in the work to the school to get it graded, they provide record keeping as well as the necessary transcripts for graduation.

Now that I am searching around homeschooling information, I have stumbled across many different types of homeschooling curriculum and find it fascinating. What I am looking forward to, however, is exploring it all and seeing what is out there, especially homeschooling in my beautiful state of Hawaii.

Any suggestions from homeschoolers out there?