My Son Wants to Learn French

As I start planning this homeschooling thing for my son, he tells me he wants to learn French.

While I ponder this piece of information, I am taken back to my high school Spanish classroom and a presentation I did called “How to paint your shoes.”

It was an artsy attempt at self-expression and I struggled through mediocre Spanish about masking tape, white canvas shoes and splashing it with vibrant paint colors of teal, and hot pink. (It was the late 1980’s – thank you very much and I think I used spray paint).

I learned enough Spanish to get me into Spanish II and III at the collegiate level when I attended the University of San Francisco, and haven’t had the need to use it since.

Since it is graduation season in Hawaii, and my eldest nephew has just graduated high school, I know it is important to have a foreign language elective as a child enters higher education. I found the read following when I once thought about obtaining a doctorate degree.

It surprised me that the Graduate Division at the Univeristy of Hawaii Manoa defines foreign language for admissions as such:

At the discretion of the graduate program and upon approval by the Graduate Division, proficiency in one or more foreign languages may be required of all students in the program. Proficiency is defined as the ability to read, at a reasonable speed, research materials in one’s chosen discipline written in a foreign language.

So it made me think: Why would my little boy be interested in learning French (of all languages)?

Growing up in Hawaii, it probably makes more sense to learn Japanese, since we live in the Pacific Rim, with an obvious tourist industry, or perhaps even Spanish. .  . ( I mean, that’s what I did). And Spanish would be useful for the mission fields in Central and South America. . . or even visiting Southern California. =P

He could learn Ilocano, the Filipino dialect, my parents speak or Tagalog, the major Filipino language that’s also available on Rosetta Stone.

Photo by Mycah (c) 2012

But with this new homeschooling mindset, he can explore whatever he fancies.

I haven’t ordered anything to supplement this foreign language interest yet, but it amuses me, and as a parent I will oblige and support him in all that he wants to pursue. . .

. .  . even when a little boy growing up in the islands, a half a world away from Europe, wants to learn French.

What foreign language(s) did you learn growing up or wanted to learn as a child?

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  1. Interesting choice! I was drawn to Spanish as a child because of Sesame Street. Good luck! I am so glad you are letting him pick his language. I hope he loves it!

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