Party, Awkwardness and Doubt

I went to a graduation party last night. It was different from the typical weekend ragers! lol ~

Different because it was filled with church friends, other family members, the graduate’s French Horn section and a select few from his high school. It was nice and intimate with about 100 or so people. Small.

My reason for blogging is because sharing about my decision to homeschool was awkward.

Awkward because . . .

There was the typical catching up of small talk and “How have you been?”, “You’re son has gotten so big!”. . . yadda yadda…

It soon transitioned to “Your son will be starting middle school next year? What school will he be attending?”

“I’ll be homeschooling him,” I’d say.

“Are you staying home?” (But really, they’re saying ‘How can you afford to stay home and not work?’)

“No, I’ll still work,” I’d respond. They all know I’m a single mom, and the looks on several of their faces varied from concern (as how is this going to happen) to masked smiles (suppressing doubt).

The best response I received was an explosion of laughter from a fellow public school educator. “Good luck with that!” she said.

I didn’t mind that particular comment because she gets me, knows the public school system, my personality and my faith.

I suppose I need to get used to these types of reactions as I head into the homeschooling lifestyle…

…but that has yet to be defined, and I should gird myself for what’s to come.