Basement Prom considered Homeschool Version, Really?

I’m watching an episode of “Good Luck Charlie” on the Disney Channel and the episode is when ‘Amy offers her prom dress to Teddy’. . . and in the other half of the plotline PJ misses his own Senior prom by accepting to go to his date’s prom instead.

The date’s prom turns out to be a homeschool prom, located in her home basement.

PJ and his date are the only couple attending, and it is deejayed by a grandmother and “crashed” by the mother, who is introduced as her Biology teacher, Physics teacher and whatever else . . . Teddy and Spencer join them after receiving a text from PJ.

The show pokes fun at the homeschool concept of sorts, and I am aghast by this point of view, as if the sparseness and lack in comparison to a “normal” prom makes it less desirable. I suppose I wouldn’t be this sensitive about it if I didn’t find myself on the homeschooling end.

Photo by Mycah 2012

On the other hand, I was never a huge fan of proms myself. . .  . It just wasn’t a major part of my high school life. (Although I did attend Junior Prom, jus’ sayin’).

Photo by Mycah 2012

I doubt that proms would even be important to homeschoolers but I couldn’t help but wonder how this is handled or even addressed, if at all?

I guess we could enter another realm of concern such as “socialization” and “association” and reasons of that nature to consider that proms might not be of great importance in the homeschooling world. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just interested to learn any thoughts on this?

4 thoughts on “Basement Prom considered Homeschool Version, Really?

  1. I don’t know what co-ops are like where you are, but they are FANTASTIC in South Carolina. They have proms, football teams, cheer leading, all kinds of sports. Even archery! (Last time I checked that wasn’t offered in public school!) Homeschool High schoolers really don’t “miss out” on things anymore. In fact, a lot of homeschool kids are asked to the proms of their public school friends. It’s really sad that the media, which prizes itself on exposing the truth, can’t do a little bit of research to find out what really happens in the homeschooling world.

  2. My daughter was MORTIFIED by this episode. She was so angry over how stupid they made home schoolers sound! I told her to write a letter to Disney expressing her concerns. Was really glad to see a blogger who was equally upset.

  3. My homeschool kids thought it was funny. Because it’s not true. And what does it matter what other people think? It doesn’t. They all think we’re religious but not all of us are. They also all think that we sit home all day but not all of us do. And they think all homeschool kids are anti-social but they’re not. The public perception of homeschoolers is that we’re weird, snobby, anti-social freaks but who cares? It was just a TV show. I was more concerned about the homeschooled teenager who brutally murdered a mother & daugther. Not that I believe he did this becauase he was homeschooled, obviously, but the media sure had a field day with that one.
    My son will be attending his own homeschool prom in a few years, he was not offended at all. He actually thgought it was funny because it so out there that he told his friends about it & even added “Basement! Ha! Don’t they know we really have our proms in our livingrooms! Not the basement!”. It was a joke. Really, there are more important things for us to worry about than what a harmless kids’ TV show may have said about homeschoolers. And with all the public school jokes they make thoughout the series…anyway, I’m sure I’ll be hated for this & that’s okay, because I’m not worried what other people think about me. I just saw all the groups trying to get together to ask Disney to ban the episode & honestly, felt that was a little overkill. If you don’t like it, don’t let you kids watch it. Or use it as a good time to discuss how a good way to handle a situation like that (ie: someone makes fun of or makes a remark towards homeschoolers) would be.

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