What Time Is It? Summertime.

Schools out at my day job, and I’m all set for summer. . . well, ready to explore.

I came across a book I had in my closet called, “101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12!” It’s a cute book by Joanne O’Sullivan and categorized under Activities/Travel. It recommends a bunch of places nationwide  for children to visit and explore.

A partial lists includes:

1) A Lighthouse

2) A Landfill

3) An Artist’s Studio

4) A Migration Path

5) A Skatepark

6) A Working Farm

7) A Space Place

8) An animal Rescue Center

9) A Superlative Place

Not only does it give examples, it provides interesting facts and tidbits about those areas, perfect learning opportunities for my son and I. Stickers are provided for the child to indicate whether the places was a “yawn fest,” “way strange,” or merely stating “been there!” or “loved it!”

As homeschooling is a lifestyle of learning, I love this type of book to gauge ideas and plan potential trips and places to visit that educational value.

My son read through the book and identified several places we’ve already visited. He asked questions about some places that could qualify under what listing and others lists needed clarification and piqued his interest. Teaching opportunities. He placed the “wish list” sticker on several pages that can help me identify what we could do in the near future.

The Lists are creative and provides suggestions in various states and cities near and far. Be Creative!

Maybe I’ll go through the list and blog about what we’ve already seen, perhaps we’ll create another list for our staycation and exploration of Hawaii Nei.  It’s summertime, yay!