Archers are Cool

An archery lesson for $25 – 2 hours roughly.

It’s a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon at the Waipio Regional Park and my son is having an archery lesson.

I thought it rather random he initiated the interest out of the blue. But like a good mommy, I said sure, we can look into it.

This interest didn’t stem from movies like “The Hunger Games” or “The Avengers” but rather from video games.

I personally thought it was cool when Susan Pevensie of the Chronicles of Narnia stories excelled in her archery skills (and she looked cool in the movies).

Susan Pevensie
Susan Pevensie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wondered how my son could benefit from this experience and it excited me.

Archery seems to be very much a hunting sport in Hawaii, primarily on the outer islands, where people still hunt for game, like wild boar. I am ignorant if they actually use bow and arrow, but this is the archery culture in Hawaii.

I think it is more the determined focus of target shooting and the mental capacity and strength it takes that can build in my child that really excites me.

I know there are events and competitions should he pursue that aspect of the sport, but for now I’m glad this makes him happy.