Laptop users at Coffee Shops don’t annoy me, but Study Groups Do

Should coffee shops limit the amount of time that laptop users can occupy tables?

Coming across this prompt on Plinky made me laugh. I don’t think it is so much the time spent by laptop users occupying tables is what annoys me, but the boisterous behavior of certain “study groups” that monopolize the atmosphere.

We can probably blame that TV Show “Friends” that made hanging out in coffee shops a social place.

I’ve always treated a coffee shop as a kind of library cubicle for myself, but where food is allowed (officially). I don’t mind the laptop users in their own little world with earbuds, typing away with whatever they do on their computers.

I’m not quite sure about these “study groups” however, that gather for a two-hour meeting or so discussing their business for the entire shop to hear. First, they rearrange the furniture and then there’s no where to sit!

Laptop users are individual table occupiers, even when the table seats four. I don’t mind that, I guess it reminds me of my own studying years at coffee shops.

Once in a while, you’ll find a sleeper – occupying a man chair or couch. It’s like catching someone who falls asleep on the city bus. This type of coffee patron I don’t understand. You come to Starbucks, buy a drink, occupy a chair and fall asleep for everyone to see? Too comfortable mister!

I’ve been guilty of being part of a study group at Starbucks, and I’ve felt the disapproving stares from other patrons. It was a women’s prayer group, and although I am unashamed of the gospel, it did make other people uncomfortable.  That’s not the point.

Coffee shops used to be cool when it wasn’t franchised. Now I just get annoyed because it is no longer the sanctuary it used to be for me.

Recently, I wanted to study with my son at a Starbucks. There were no seats available and it was super busy because it was “Happy hour”!  The one we visited also had a drive through window. Really?