I’m Only Happy When It Rains Doesn’t Make Me Negative

Samuel Bayer scratched up the film negative to...
Garbage’s video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One song that always get’s me in a good mood is “I’m only Happy When It Rains” by Garbage, especially living in Hawaii when it is usually always sunny. It’s music I loved from back in the day, and it energizes me. Although lyrically I suppose it could be considered negative.

I don’t consider myself a negative person, but can admittedly wander into the sarcasm and cynical realm when tired. At times it just takes so much energy to be perky, and I’m just not like that. Positive and quiet? Yes. . . Contemplative, sure. Just because I’m quiet does not make me a negative person. Excuse me if my silence makes anyone uncomfortable, but isn’t that a problem in itself?

Along the same line, Garbage’s song “Stupid Girl” makes me laugh too.

I recently shared these songs with my nephew, who just graduated from high school and his parents and I reminisced about our college days in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was told to leave the past behind and to not get “too negative.”

I enjoyed the music and maybe got a little bit nostalgic but whoa ~ I was just remembering the song and laughing at the good ol’ days. Things change when children arrive – Almost twenty years later and I didn’t dare tell them that they turned into their own parents.