Public Charter School, Technology and To Save a Life

Cover of "To Save a Life"
Cover of To Save a Life

My sister-in-law calls me one day about a technology school in Hawaii as a homeschooling alternative. It is a public charter school that is still connected with the Hawaii State Department of Education.

Students show up at the academy at least once a week for face-to-face classroom lessons and the rest of the activities can be done at home on a laptop.

While the lessons and schoolwork are flexible, and can be done online, the appeal for me was that the curriculum can be custom-tailored to the specific needs of my son. And because my son has an IEP (Individualized Education Program) for his learning disability with the DOE, by law the curriculum needs to be modified.

I am considering it because it does give my son somewhere to socialize and meet other students. And this is free, because it is still public school.

Can I do both? I’m sure I can make it work.

What got me thinking was the socialization aspect of homeschooling. I really don’t like the behavior I see in public schools today, and yet I know my son is at the age where socializing is very important.

Unfortunately, I also know that youth groups aren’t always what it appears to be when it comes to church.

I just watched “To Save A Life” and was actually pretty impressed with the topic that a Christian film addressed with teens, being honest and reaching out to others.

I shouldn’t worry all too much about it and take it one step at a time, my son is only ten, after all,  but I know it can be a very big deal with kids entering this stage in their lives.

Right now he’s happy with video games and archery.