Sarcasm isn’t Healthy, Just Love

I want to say something clever right now, but it’s highly doubtful. My mind is just numb and there’s no apparent point at this rambling except that I’m bored. One thing though, is a conscientious effort to keep on the positive side of life.

Unusual sarcasm notice
Unusual sarcasm notice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think I’m a negative person at all, but I can venture toward the cynical and sarcastic edge at times when tired (see previous post) so whatever qualms about sarcasm anyone may have and how closely some will call sarcasm “wit” – I’m not negative. Defensive? Nah, I just forgot to take my prescribed happy pills this morning. Is this a wee bit too personal to blog about? Who’s ashamed of it? Certainly not I.

But in order to force the negativity away. . .one can and should pray.

I feel some sarcasm creeping upon me at the moment when it is meant to be sincere but rather I should read my bible a lot more these days. Then maybe I wouldn’t be so bored and blog about just nothing. Prayer is the answer to a lot of things. It is meditation and relaxation on bible verses that help focus life positively.

What bible verses come to mind about sarcasm? Hmmm. Nada. How about anger? Yep. Well, I just googled the phrase “what does the bible say about sarcasm?” and up pops a list of verses. I suppose no matter how you look at it, those suggested verses may seem subjective so I’ll not add them here.

I’ll just start with the basics. . .and learn to love, over and over again. Hows that for a concept?