Compassion International Called When She Left

I received a phone call from Compassion International about a year ago and was caught off guard. Someone from the staff had personally called to let me know that one of my sponsored children had moved out of the area and would no longer be receiving support.

I was shocked. Nothing bad had happened to her, but I was informed that she had moved in with relatives in another part of the city where Compassion did not service. Glory Mae was an older child, in her teens from the Philippines, and her younger sister was also in the Compassion Program and being sponsored by a family in France.

I hadn’t been sponsoring her for very long but had learned a lot about her life in the Philippines as we exchanged letters. She didn’t need translations in the letter and wrote English very well. It was also rather surreal as she lived in a city about two to three hours from where my family is originally from.

I asked the person on the phone if I could even say, “goodbye.” And the answer was, “no.” Well, not so bluntly, but that was the gist. I guess that’s the reality of the business and the extent of the exchange. Although I was saddened with the news, I was glad that I was able to help her and her family in whatever way I could.

I didn’t think I’d be so attached, but it was more than just a financial investment. There was genuine care and concern, and I’m glad to have had a connection even for a little bit.

Compassion International
Compassion International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)