Compassion International Graduate Exits Program

When I first started sponsoring children from Compassion International, I had a total of five children from five different countries. I’m a single parent and I believe in mirroring the blessings I receive and give others in similar situations, especially in those underprivileged countries.

What I didn’t realize (or expect so soon) was that these children would grow up. . . and go away. The organization shares that communication can be challenging, and that obligations aren’t binding. Should either party’s circumstances change, sponsorship may be dissolved. I’ve always thought it a good reason for me to pull out of sponsorship if I financially couldn’t afford it any longer, but that never became an issue for me.

Instead, I’ve had children exit the program (for whatever reason). My last post was about the sponsored child I had in the Philippines, who left the region. Today’s post is about a young woman who graduated the program from the Dominican Republic.

Alexandra graduated from the program at around the age of 18. I had been sponsoring her for a couple of years. She had been learning sewing skills and was growing in her faith. She was also from a single parent household and wrote about finishing two grades in a year so that she would currently be in the 12th grade.

She was very focused on her studies and wrote about visiting her Aunt in Santo Domingo and riding the subway.

Then the day came when I received a letter from Compassion International stating that Alexandra was no longer in the program because she had graduated and was entering university.

Once again, I was saddened that the extent of the relationship had ended, but oh well.. life goes on and I wish Alexandra well.