iPad Apps for Struggling Readers and Special Needs Students

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At ISTE 2012, I sat in a session called “iPad Apps for Struggling Readers and Special Needs Students.”

Of course, the buzz at the conference is the use of iPads in the classroom and how it can enhance student learning.

What made this particular session a little more meaningful for me were the presenters work with Special Needs students. The extreme was how technology and especially the iPad has helped them work with students with no motor skills and are way below in the math and reading comprehension levels for state testing purposes.

What the presenters talked about that motivated me was their work with a 4th grade dyslexic child, who was just extremely frustrated with school work because of her disability. The frustration mirrored my son’s own challenges.

There were various Apps they shared for consideration that were free (and costly) that they have used with the student to help ease her frustration at home and modified her learning while working with her teachers.

What impressed me most were the accommodations ~ all parties involved with the student’s care agreed to the use of Apps for homework and how the lessons and/or homework was submitted or completed.

The presenters did emphasize that when choosing Apps for student use, consider the following:

  1. What are the child’s prevalent needs?
  2. Consider how much you get for the $$.
  3. Research about the App (from websites, other blogs, feedback reviews).
  4. Then go to the iTunes Store to purchase.