Orton Gillingham MSL Training for Dyslexia

It has been a few weeks since the excitement of the technology conference I attended last month, and have had a whirlwind of activity that would help with my son’s reading disability.

I took a two week course for Orton Gillingham Training, a Muliti Sensory Learning technique to help with those with Dyslexia. It was an eye-opener in more ways than one.

Dyslexia Action
Dyslexia Action (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As an educator, I am always sitting in some kind of professional development course to gain more insight on how better myself as a classroom teacher. This particular training was different. I was there to learn for my son.

The first two days was exhausting as I listened to other parents talk about their child(ren) and their own heart wrenching stories of wanting the best for their child. I felt better with my own situation as other parents, whose children are older now, spoke of the tutoring process and the sacrifices they had done to get their child(ren) help with their dyslexia.

The course was long that included teaching by the Certified Fellow and a supervised practicum as we worked with volunteer students with Dyslexia and/or ADHD. It was a wonderful experience and I gained a lot of information that would help my son.

We have started the homeschooling year, and I will share my decision with the curriculum that we are implementing in the next post.