Socialization and the Homeschooling Choice

The holidays are upon us and I’m still unsure whether I am doing this homeschooling thing correctly or not, but so far so good. We’ve settled into a curriculum through a public charter school, which is a hybrid technology homeschooling curriculum. In order to receive a diploma from the state, it is required for students to report to the Learning Center at least once a week for face-to-face lessons with certified teachers. Cool – no problem.

As a public school teacher, I participated in our school’s Parent Night for students back in September. My son was with me because I’m a single parent and we went to dinner before returning for Parent Night for me to meet my students’ parents.

At the end of the evening, my school’s Principal asked my son if he’d be interested in attending our school. My son said, “No, thank you.” The principal went on to tell him about all the cool things happening in the school, especially my classroom,  being a model technology classroom. The principal brought up perceived issues about socialization with homeschooling children and urged me to think about it. For a split second, I questioned my own decision and considered my principal’s comments, out of respect.

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Keeping my son away from the public school system, despite my employment in it, is the safest decision I’ve made. There are  certain things that I’ve witnessed and experienced that I want to guard my son from, and that is the greatest motivating factor. I may not do it right most days,  but I do believe I’ve heard from God on this decision, and each day, I trust.

Socialization is important, and no matter where that may take place, what matters is that I know my own son and know what is best. . . with God’s trust and guidance I continue on.