I Teach Blogging In the Classroom, Now I Blog for Me

As a core subject area teacher, I have been a guinea pig, lab rat when it comes to using technology in the classroom. Because of my enthusiasm for technology, I get sent to a LOT of workshops and conventions and professional development for tech use in the classroom. I love it – I learn so much – and its fun.

I’ve been doing things unofficially, but my school now has a Google domain and I’m set with iPads, laptops, Apple TV, etc. I’m also part of a small group of teachers called the model Tech classrooms. Its way fun, and I love teaching that much more.

So now I’ve got some students blogging. Since I am also an English teacher, I need to remind them about watching their language, sentence structure, etc. I’ve been so busy writing for others, I don’t have time to blog for me. So here I am. .  .

Some of the mini-lessons I blog about on my classroom teacher blog is quite good, and every time I think I should create a teacher-focused blog and write on education in general, or as professional development. Then my perfectionist side appears and I get too technical and conscious of how exactly I should write, what  I should write and for whom…..

While that’s all well and good, this helps me relax, and I like blogging for fun. Academic writing serves a purpose and there are many the educational form where professionals share .

Bottom line, for me, if and when it becomes work, it is no longer fun.

(Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)